In-laws, Music

Ahh! The in-laws will be here in a week! Just kidding. Luciana’s parents are cool. My Portuguese is still as horrible as it was when I left Brazil (July ’02). I think they have been taking some English classes so maybe we’ll be able to communicate better that way.

I still need to fix the bed in the guest bedroom to not fall when you lay on it (missing cross bars under the matress).

Seems the Detroit Music Hoedown is going on outside of my work (Ren Cen) in Hart Plaza. Its so loud I can almost feel it. GOD I HATE COUNTRY MUSIC!

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  1. / Luciana Bordallo Misura
    No, they didn't take english classes, they are as bad as you! Love,
  2. / Danilo
    Lesson number one. O livro está sobre a mesa. if you don't undestand ask to Luciana. []'s

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