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Chrome Sad Face

I’ve been getting this A LOT lately.

What the is causing it?

I know I keep too many tabs open. So I close some and I’m still stuck.
I can restart Chrome and it goes away for awhile, but comes back pretty quick (1-2 days).
I disabled some extensions, didn’t seem to help.

Dishwasher Pump Hose – Again

I loaded the dishwasher and turned it on.
I noticed some water on the ground and figured I had spilled it while loading the dishwasher.
I cleaned it up. When I came back there was more water on the ground!
I opened the kickboard and found more water under the dishwasher. I turned it off and pulled it out.
Took pictures/video show it was leaking from the pump, again.

Seems like the pump just disconnected. Not sure if it was fully disconnected while running or if moving it caused it to disconnect completely (and it was only slightly disconnected previously).

In any case, I attempted to reconnect it. Very difficult to do since the pump is bigger diameter tube than the drain on the dishwasher.
Whomever (my father in law? or my step-father? or someone I paid?) fixed it last time (in 2012: used this clear rubber tubing:

And stretched one end to make it “fit”.
I took it off and cut about an inch off because it was too long. I put it back on.

The original part, seem here:

I put it back together, but the seal is not good enough, it is still leaking (very slowly).

Where in the heck am I going to find a rubber tube that is different sizes at each end?

I’m sure by now you’re thinking, just buy the part from the manufacturer. Sure, for $253.97 for a bunch of parts I don’t need:
Dishwasher pump and Motor Assembly

Sear’s Image of Pump and Motor Assembly

Sear’s image with part circled:

Someone else sells the part, combined with other things I don’t need for $104.30: Kenmore Dishwasher Pump Hose at Repair Clinic. Same for Home Depot.

Where can I find what I need?
Or can I “melt” the tube I have to better fit?

Space between the pump and the dishwasher is like 3/8″

Religion Swap – Google Chrome Extension

So to try to give people a difference perspective, I wrote this extremely simple/quick Google Chrome Extension to allow you to click a button and have the work “Christian” swapped with “Muslim” so you could read the web from another view. If reading something in the news about Muslims makes you made, try this plugin and see if you still get mad reading about Christian’s doing something but only the labels of who did it are different.


Now view a site ( and click the (hello) icon. Should look something like this:

To do

  • Icon
  • Create a on/off option popup
  • Have it run without a click (a la lastpass)

Haircut: Good and Bad

As I posted previously, this is a bad haircut


Its rounded on the top, too short at the top edges (hence rounding), not even.


This looks ok, but is a little too long. Maybe in the winter months its good.


This is about perfect. A little uneven, but short near my ears, longer at the top, not rounded. The fade needs improvement (gets long a little to abruptly).

I can’t believe I’ve been getting my haircut the same way for 25+ years and only in late 2014 did the person cutting my hair tell me that I want a “low fade” so that it starts fading from short to long low on the side of my head, not near the top.


My machine (ares) was acting a little weird. I cleaned it out and reseated the sata cable and started memtest.

1. Should I have picked SMP?
2. Is my memory running slower than it could be?
3. Is 72 degrees C a little hot?
4. Is 7 passes enough?





Event ID 2017 on Hera

Looking at the event viewer, I saw a few messages about

I googled and found this:

I am trying the settings it suggests and rebooting.

Reel Mowers

Aka Push/manual mowers

After doing a bunch of research, this seems like the best option:
But, none are available.

Other good options:

After all that, I’m not going to get one because it seems that
1. It requires you to cut your lawn often (I don’t have time for that)
2. Doesn’t do well with weeds or anything thicker than grass
3. Can easily get “stuck” on mulch (which we have a ton of and ends up in the grass)