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I HATE thick wallets. But my “plastic card holder” is falling apart, and things fall out of it way too often (stuff fell out in between the seat and the center console in my car, which is HARD to reach).

So, thin wallet, stuff doesn’t fall out.
These seem good as they claim to be the thinnest and line their pockets with a rubber coating to prevent slipping

Now just need to decide between bi and tri folds..
(taller cash area, which might be necessary as I travel a lot to places outside of the US with taller cash).
(thinner when folded, but cash area is not as tall…)

Going with:

Dead monitors

Both of my LG Flatron L1933TR-SF stopped working. Power button just did nothing.

After searching found it was likely bad caps.

Opening these monitors was a serious pita but it turns out the both have the same bad 3 caps.

Dead Monitor?

I rebooted to scan my HD for errors and when it finished, I noticed my right monitor ( was not on. I hit the power button and nothing happened. I tried plugging it into a different plug, nothing.

I need to try a known working power cord and see if that helps.

Tried a known working power cord. Nothing. Caps?

Sounds like the cap, according to:

3TB Drives

Why is the Seagate Constellation ES 3TB drive $320 while the rest are half that amount?


I told Luciana we need to go to all of the places in The Beach Boys Song: Kokomo

Aruba – Been there.
Key Largo – Been there.

Florida Keys – Been there.

Port Au Prince – Think we’ll have to wait for this to be cleaned up.

Looks like we have a lot of work/traveling to do.

Broken dishwasher

I did not plan on having a broken dishwasher this weekend.

Turn it on and it leaks water.

Front panel blinks 6 green, pause, 1 green, pause, repeat.

Says the blinking lights could be:

Kenmore site leads to
Suggests reset. More water came out. So I pulled it out and found the pump motor was no longer connected so the wart would go in and go right out. The blinking lights were related to the full check not sensing water staying in. Smart design.

Now to hook it back on.


Slightly better picture:

Oh great, the clamp is a Oetiker clamp. They are designed to only close once. This page makes it sound like the part is not for sale at Sears:

Ha, Sears says their nears parts store is:

Why did sears mention this part?
Same as
Has the original clamp?,%20washarm%20and%20motor%20parts&brandDesc=KENMORE%20ELITE&modelDesc=DISHWASHER&blt=11&shdMod=
$190 for the entire pump assembly for a $3 hose and $3 clamp?

Cat Food

item dry $/lb wet $/oz
core grain free indoor $ 2.83 ($34 shipped / 12 lb) $ 0.18 ($45.36 / 24*5.5 oz)
Iams Low Residue $ 3.92 ($55 / 14 lb) $ 0.04 ($70 / 30*6oz)

iPhone Cases

More RAM

RAM is pretty darn cheap. We both have 6GB (triple data rate).
I think we can move 6GB from one machine to the other and buy 12GB for one of us so we each end up with 12GB total.

12GB is ~60-70$


Motherboard ( Asus P6T Intel X58 Chipset CrossFire and SLI Supported w/7.1 Sound, Triple-Channel DDR3, Gb LAN, S-ATA Raid, USB 2.0, 3-Way SLI PCI-E MB 3-Way SLI )
Memory ( 6 GB [2 GB X3] DDR3-1600 Triple Memory Module Corsair or Major Brand )


Asus P6T SE — Intel X58 Chipset CrossFire Supported w/7.1 Sound, Triple-Channel DDR3, Gb LAN, S-ATA Raid, USB 2.0, Triple PCI-E MB
6 GB [2 GB X3] DDR3-1333 Triple Memory Module – Corsair Value or Major Brand

Wonder if mixing DC3-1600 and DDR3-1333 is ok.