Broken dishwasher

I did not plan on having a broken dishwasher this weekend.

Turn it on and it leaks water.

Front panel blinks 6 green, pause, 1 green, pause, repeat.

Says the blinking lights could be:

Kenmore site leads to
Suggests reset. More water came out. So I pulled it out and found the pump motor was no longer connected so the wart would go in and go right out. The blinking lights were related to the full check not sensing water staying in. Smart design.

Now to hook it back on.


Slightly better picture:

Oh great, the clamp is a Oetiker clamp. They are designed to only close once. This page makes it sound like the part is not for sale at Sears:

Ha, Sears says their nears parts store is:

Why did sears mention this part?
Same as
Has the original clamp?,%20washarm%20and%20motor%20parts&brandDesc=KENMORE%20ELITE&modelDesc=DISHWASHER&blt=11&shdMod=
$190 for the entire pump assembly for a $3 hose and $3 clamp?

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