Dead monitors

Both of my LG Flatron L1933TR-SF stopped working. Power button just did nothing.

After searching found it was likely bad caps.

Opening these monitors was a serious pita but it turns out the both have the same bad 3 caps.

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  1. / Gabe
    Dec 18, 2012 06:32 from Justin Case Replace only the caps that are bad. Here's the Digikey order: ^^^1000UF/16V 4@$0.71/ea = $2.84 ^^^680UF/25V 2@$0.71/ea = $1.42 Subtotal = $4.26 Shipping (USPS Priority Mail = $4.91 Total = $9.17 Make sure you have a solder wick (pick it up at RadioShack), some soldering paste, a good iron and some solder. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR POLARITY CORRECT! The long pin on the CAP is +. Remove the old caps. Insert the new caps. Dab a little paste around the pins and the contacts on the board. Melt some solder to the tip of the iron, touch the iron to the pin/board and wammo/blammo. Done. [Hardware> msg #110781 (0 remaining)]
  2. / Gabe
  3. / Gabe
    Feb 28, 2013 14:53 from The After Party Monitor Caps/Soldering I still haven't ordered the caps. I'm doing to do that now. Since I have no soldering iron, I might as well order one now as well. Recommendataions? This might be my only soldering job so I'm looking for pretty cheap. Since I"m getting the caps from I might get the soldering iron from there... Too simple? no stand? Do I need to order some solder as well? [Hardware> msg #110945 (3 remaining)] Read cmd -> Next Feb 28, 2013 20:11 from Justin Case TAP-->That should be okay. You'll need some solder and some soldering paste. And perhaps a solder wick. Honestly, just run by a Radio Shack and pick that stuff up there. It's decent and will work fine. [Hardware> msg #110946 Feb 28, 2013 21:20 from Grayson Or a cheap one from Amazon. [Hardware> msg #110947 (1 remaining)] Read cmd -> Next Feb 28, 2013 21:40 from LOGAN No need for solder paste. If ytou use electronics solder, it already has flux (generaslly rosin) in the core of the solder. You absolutely need a soldering iron and solder. It's also nice to have either a desoldering iron or a roll of desoldering braid, though neither is explicitly neccesary. I got away without either for a long time, but prefer to keep both handy these days. If you're re-capping a monitor, a set of diagonal cutters and a needle nose pliers make life much easier as well. As for the iron, through-hole componenets aren't that touchy. A ~20-watt iron from wherever, with a smallish tip, is generally the weapon of choice. [Hardware> msg #110948
  4. / Gabe I cannot tell for certain that these caps are the right size: Therefore I'm just going to get the Kit: And a soldering iron:
  5. / Gabe
    My step-dad happen to visit so I asked him to do the soldering since he's made MANY stained glass windows and has some experience. Both monitors are working again. The soldering was quite difficult due to the (small) size and the fact that the (cheap) soldering iron tip kept moving! Eventually we figured out how to tighten it, but it would still eventually work itself loose again. Only 4 months later.. Now to setup my desk again.

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