Today, I’m working from home.

I’m torn between the convience of working from home and the convience of working with someone. Seems that most everyone is scattered around at different locations so I’m while at work I don’t really see anyone.

Of course my managers want me at work, but why? The point of my physical presense is so I can be part of a team. Well, I only see 2 people from my team, all the rest are: 1. In the building but not on my floor. 2. In meetings all day. 3. In another state. 4. In another country!

I enjoy working with people. My schooling made that ingrained in me. Sometimes its impossible to visualize something over IM or email, so being in the same location is required (I had to visit the customer to review the UI a few times).

Where is the future of corporate life? Telecommuniting? Video conferencing (AHHAHAHAHA)? Remote desktop sharing?

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