Thanks to my lovely wife I now have this very cool blog.

I guess for my first post I will, talk about what I did today.
I worked on my job (from home), edited MovableType to (try to) support importing external (HaloScan) comments (for my wife and other people if they want to use it…this is still in process), and I got RH9 Linux up and running.

Hopefully this blog will contain deep meaningful information you will find very valuable and read my blog often (hah).

Comments ( 2 )

  1. / Luciana Bordallo Misura
    Welcome to the blogsphere :-) Now we can be addicted to blogs together, besides games. Isn't that wonderful? Love you.
  2. / Rob H
    Werdup Homey. I see you started your blog :) You know what you need to put in here........we just talked about it on isca!

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