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For Sale: Dishwasher, Microwave

Whirlpool Dishwasher, black, model: DU915PWKB0. $200 OBO
Whirlpool Microwave, black, model: GM8115XJB-0. $100 OBO

They both work fine. Professionally uninstalled (by Sears when they installed the new ones, so these are in the garage). Trim kit is included with the microwave.

There’s the oven too (model: RBS305PBD16), but the door met with an unfortunate accident. If anyone wants it free (for parts?), please let me know.

The Perfect Salad

Equal parts:

Feta (Organic Valley) 1oz
Chick Peas/Garbanzo Beans (S&W Lite Low Salt Garbanzo Beans) about 5oz
Sunflower seeds (Planters dry roasted) 1/3 cup
Olive Oil
Black Pepper
Crushed Red Pepper

Logitech Desktop: LX310 Laser

God this thing sucks.

Feels SUPER cheap. The keyboard seems fairly heavy, but the keys are absolute crap. The silly mulitmedia keys don’t line up correctly, just a sad POS.

Yet another different Home/End/Del/Pageup/Page down layout. And the insert key is in the upper right with the printscreen/pause(break) keys.

It works fine (so far).


Great review site:

I could use with an old dell server I have.

Must haves:

  1. RAID 1
  2. The size of the drives should not be limited
  3. Media Server

Do I care about having AD?
Nice to have power management so its not always running 24/7.
I don’t think FTP is important
NFS/CIFS/SMB – Its important to be able to mount it from any OS

What I want in a Phone/PDA


  1. Make calls (the k-jam was slow, shesh, even the AT&T Tilt is slow)
  2. Do email – both personal and business
  3. Browse the web – BB doesn’t support crap. IE (even on WinMO 6) is old. Opera is slow.
  4. Address book (sync over the phone network, with Google or Outlook)
  5. Calendar (sync over the phone network, with Google or Outlook)
  6. Task List (sync over the phone network, with Google or Outlook)
  7. Bluetooth: hands free w/ my Jawbone, data xfer.
  8. ssh
  9. Qwerty Keyboard (the AT&T Tilt is mushy, the BB is pretty good).
  10. Big, clear screen
  11. Make outgoing calls hands free (voice dialing).
  12. 3+MP Camera (N90 is Awesome! Tilt is ok. K-Jam is similar in focus, but low on MP)
  13. View images
  14. Play music (BB 8700c is crap! WinMoMedia Player is ok
  15. GPS Maps (Google maps pseudo GPS isn’t too bad. Tilt has GPS, but the update feature is annoying)
  16. Games (though i usually read RSS feeds in my free time)
  17. RSS
  18. 3G (using EDGE now, and ssh is … sluggish to say the least)
  19. WiFi (when I’m at home or some free is availble. Maybe some day the data network will be as fast as wifi)
  20. Alarm (BB is CRAP. WinMo has 5 customizable alarms, quite good)
  21. Real network (I don’t get that MEdiaNet crap from AT&T

MS Natural Ergo 4000

The wireless mouse/keyboard at work was WAY to flaky, so I got wired ones.

The MS Natural Ergo 4000 is very good, with one major flaw: space bar. When you have a split keyboard, your thumbs rest on the edges of the space bar. So when you click it, you’re no where near the middle. With this keyboard, pushing the edge (I seem to hit the space bar with my right thumb 99% of the time) is very difficult. It sticks and doesn’t work unless you really push it hard.

I miss my MS Natural Elite (I have at home). Has a strange home/end/del/insert/pageup/pagedown setup, and its native PS/2 instead of USB (there’s an adapter that seems to work fairly well), but other than that its great.

Credit Offers:Opt Out

Call 888-567-8688
Go through the process to get your name removed from the 4 credit agencies so you don’t get blind credit offers in the mail, etc.

I got this from Charles Schwab bank so I’m confident its a legit number.