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CSS Layout

JL@ISCABBS asked Vertigo@ISCABBS to make a layout with CSS.

IE7 RC1 CSS Layout Opera 9.01 CSS Layout

Resizing seems to be an issue.


Well, I’ve been busy programming (partly the reason I haven’t posted in awhile, other reason being we’re moving somewhat soon) some Java.

Let me say I now know why no one uses JSPs/Servlets to do web apps, compared to PHP, Perl, ASP, JSP. Tomcat is a PAIN to install! Well, the pain wasn’t the install process (since I used RPM’s) but the fact that there are 26 dependancies that I had to install first, before installing Tomcat made it take a long time.

Then, after all of that fun, I spent…way too long trying to figure out why it was “running” but not listening to port 8080…I couldn’t see that the section of server.xml was commented out! Then, after that mistake, I spent even more time trying to figure out why (without much help from the error log) my web.xml was “broken” only to realize that I can’t spell servlet or pattern.

Finally, I got my test running. Whew.