When to NAS

We have a few pictures.
I’ve been wanting to put the storage on a NAS but having a few external HDs seems fine.
Well, after getting the latest external HD and connecting it and copying the data from one to another, ending up with ~4TB of data on 2 external drives, I noticed my machine was getting pretty slow. I looked at the memory usage and couldn’t figure out why a cold boot was using 2GB+ of RAM. Turns out, windows has to keep a metafile about all the storage that’s connected locally.

I have 6GB of total RAM, but when the metafile eats a good 2GB of that, things can get sluggish quickly.

This is the best argument for a NAS.

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  1. / Gabe
    RAMMap, suggested by Glenn Hoppner was what showed me where my memory was going: Googling indicated what the metafile was:

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